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Central Coast CC365

Central Coast CC365

Central Coast CC365

CC365 takes out a GoPod camper.

  The GoPod gang had already turned the fridge on before we left so that it was cold by the time we arrived. Read more 

The Wilsons of Oz

Central Coast CC365

Central Coast CC365


 We have never towed anything before, not even a trailer, and as Mr W was a little ‘tired‘ after his work Christmas party the night before, I was in charge!  The glory of the GoPod is that it is very lightweight and super easy to tow.  the *You may applaud now!  Read More...

About Us

The unlikely business owners

We never intended to end up in a fleet rental business however the universe had other ideas and it all happened very quick. Mick is a Welder fabricator, Advanced rigger and construction supervisor, I (Kayleen) am learning very fast how to run a business and create websites and look after the operations of the whole business. I manage the rental fleet and send off the GoPods and service them between rentals. 

It fits us perfectly

Tow Small Travel Big is our passion, we get so excited seeing someone tow for the first time and have an amazing experience.  We have hosts around Australia we are partnering with to get GoPod's accessible Australia wide. 

We look after you

We make sure you have the confidence to set off and always a phone call away for our hirers.  With the support of you tube, a manual and our advice you have everything you need for a great trip.   We are here for the people dipping their toe into the towing experience. For the towing pros you know what you are doing, we let you hook up and set off. If it's your first time we make sure you are ready and confident.